I am an experimental psychologist and University Lecturer in the department of Psychology, Cambridge. My research covers the interaction between cognitive processes, motivated behaviour and health. 


My current research focus is on episodic memory and obesity. While the physical health impacts of obesity are increasingly well understood, recent research indicates that there may be a significant psychological element to the obese syndrome, with proposals that cognitive deficits may occur both as a result of obesity, and potentially as a causal factor in its emergence. Episodic memory is the ability to store, maintain and retrieve contextually rich representations of events from one’s own life. There is increasing evidence to suggest that this type of memory may play a major role regulating what and how much we eat. My research expores the role memory plays in the development and maintenance of Obesity.

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Embracing the modern age, I am now adding funding to my reserach by monetising my youtube channel . Want to help? SUBSCRIBE and watch some hilarious cat videos! (I need people to actually subscribe to get the advertising)

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